Alicia Patrice, Yoga Instructor

Kent, OH

About Alicia The path that brought me to yoga begins in a community education class in Athens, Ohio. That was in about 1993 and I’ve seen yoga benefit my life beyond comprehension. Curiosity influences my teaching, allowing my classes to have a flow that doesn’t quite fit into any one style. My classes are known to be sweet, but also challenging in ways both physical and mental.  To me, yoga isn’t just a physical practice, it is something more than that.  Every person defines “more than that” in their own way and that’s part of what makes it all beautiful.  I also lead Kirtan, the call-and-response chanting of yoga, with my band Radiant Friend and offer private sessions in yoga, harmonium and singing as spiritual practice. I have done in-depth study with Sean Johnson, Jason Crandell and Sarah Powers, and have attended many different workshops. Recently, I have been utilizing my musical talents in Sound Baths and Sound Meditation.
Education   2015          60 Hour Insight Yoga Teacher Training San Rafael, CA
A teacher training program to augment one’s ability to teach both a receptive Yin style and an active flow or Yang style of yoga with an interest in promoting a conducive inner environment for meditation. Led by Sarah Powers.

2011-12          95 Hour Continuing Education  San Francisco, CA
This teacher-development program was designed for teachers of all backgrounds looking to enhance their technical knowledge and refine their ability to teach with precision, clarity, and authenticity. Led by Jason Crandell.

2005          Yoga Solution Teacher Training         Sacramento, CA 200 Hour Program led by Jennifer Sadugor with guest teachers Baxter Bell, Richard Rosen, Susan Branum, Mary Paffard and others.
Teaching / Work Experience   February 2005 to present       Independent Yoga Instructor Specializing in Gentle, Yin, and Restorative Yoga; I also teach Flow and Chair.

January 2016 to present     Registrar & On-Site Manager, Sufi Sesshin Manages logistics for 90-100 person retreat in Petaluma, CA yearly.

March 2015 to present     Coordinator, BHAKTImmersion Coordinates twice yearly retreat for Sean Johnson & The Wild Lotus Band in New Orleans.

April 2010 to April 2019     Guest Instructor, It’s All Yoga School     Sacramento, CA Taught modules for 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training on meditation, yin, restorative and chanting.

September 2008 to April 2012 & April 2015 to December 2017     Yoga Studio Manager Managed It’s All Yoga, a small boutique studio in Sacramento, CA

February 2007 to October 2019       Sacramento State University Employee Wellness Weekly multi-level Hatha Yoga and meditation classes for all campus employees.

January 2007 to 2018          It’s All Yoga               Sacramento, CA Weekly multi-level Hatha Yoga classes offering yoga postures, breathwork, and meditation through movement and workshops ranging from a few hours to daylong.

June 2007 to 2010          Sacramento State University Recreational Sports             Twice weekly multi-level Hatha Yoga class for students, faculty and the community of Sacramento State University.

August 2007 to June 2008          UC Davis Medical Center           Sacramento, CA Weekly Hatha Yoga class using yoga postures, breathwork, and meditation to reduce stress for nurses and other hospital employees.

February 2005 to December 2007      Sacramento State University Library Twice weekly multi-level Hatha Yoga class for library employees.
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