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Sound Baths

Location is a private home in Kent, OH. Private or group Sound Baths can be scheduled, please email me for details.

This 1 hour sound bath will leave you feeling refreshed and connected. Bells, singing bowls, gongs, flute, chanting and other healing sounds in our home studio in Kent. These have been very popular! 

Imagine this scenario:

You step inside a cozy room to a waiting nest of blankets and pillows. You make yourself comfortable and begin to drop into a quiet state. You relax your body while your mind begins to find its way toward stillness.

The sound of a deep gong resonates through the space. Your body responds to the vibration by softening. A bell speaks to a knot of energy, asking it to release. Relaxation deepens as you are serenaded for about an hour with the sound of flute, voice, singing bowls, bells and gongs.

Please join me on the third Saturday of the month at 2pm!
Register for a Sound Bath here

I am also available to host you at my home for your private Sound Bath to celebrate birthdays, weddings, self-care events, etc!

Suggested donation $20-30, no one turned away for lack of funds. Pre-registration required by phone or email– 916-548-7221,

Seasonal Restorative Workshops

2 hours of Restorative Yoga and Sound Bath with bells, bowls, gongs and chanting. Space limited.

“To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring.” –George Santayana

  • In the transition from Winter to Spring, we have the opportunity to awaken to new possibilities.  That awakening sometimes brings a bit of Spring fever, so we’ll also look for balance in the frenzy that sometimes accompanies rebirth.  In this period of deep rest, figuring out what we really want for the season is possible.
  • In the transition from Spring to Summer, we have the opportunity to develop and safeguard our wellbeing, in spite of possible seasonal pressures to overextend.  Deep rest is still available to us, even though the light is long and strong.
  • In the transition from Summer to Fall, we’ll focus on finding deep states of relaxation to recover from the busy-ness of Summer.  Harvest time for everything that has been sprouting and thriving since Spring. Slowing down for the darker times.
  • In the transition from Fall to Winter, new ideas are put to rest in the darkness for possible manifestation in Spring. Hibernation mode assists us in a time of year-end activity.

The body renews and restores when it is at rest and a perfect time to practice this is at the seasonal shifts. We’ll use Restorative Yoga to help us learn to live in harmony with the seasons and to balance the busy-ness of life with support, deep breathing and presence. Adapting to a new time of year begins before the season change and we can meet it by shifting activities and interests toward things that are natural balances for the time. Give yourself the gift of surrender, vision, inner reflection and intention.

Restorative Yoga uses blankets, blocks and other props to fully support the body in deep rest. It is appropriate for all, including those with challenges or injuries. No experience necessary.

Suggested donation $30-40, no one turned away for lack of funds. Pre-registration required by phone or email– 916-548-7221,

Privates and Small Groups–email for details

Email me your ideas!

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